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Climate-neutral BMZ – Next Step towards Net Zero Emissions

Klimaneutrales Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)
Purchaser Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ)
Occupant BMZ Department Z 34 “Climate-Neutral BMZ, Environmental and Sustainability Management”
Objective Improvement of the BMZ’s Climate and Environmental Management System
Consulting Period Since December 2019
Result Ensuring that the BMZ’s operations are climate neutral; optimising the integrated climate and environmental management; developing and monitoring measures based on strategic climate targets and deriving a roadmap; monitoring the operational roadmap

The Project

The Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) is the first German federal ministry to have made its entire operations climate-neutral through the aid of carbon offsetting. The guiding principle is avoid first, reduce second, and as a last resort, offset”.

Accordingly, the BMZ is now aiming to even further reduce the carbon footprint of its ministerial operations Their strategic objective is to reduce carbon emissions to a minimum and achieve climate neutrality without offsetting by 2040.

This strategic objective is the basis for an operational roadmap with precisely defined steps towards their goal. Initiatives, which have the greatest potential for further reducing the ministry's carbon footprint, will be prioritised.

The PD has supported the BMZ in its efforts to consolidate its environmental management system and to optimise the implementation of the associated measures since 2019.

Our Consulting Services

Our focus is on providing technical expertise in all areas relevant to the BMZ’s efforts to transform its administrative operations towards supporting environmentally and climate-friendly working practices. PD is also systematically supporting the BMZ in two operative fields: the work of BMZ’s Department Z 34 “Carbon-neutral BMZ, environmental and sustainability management”, and the monitoring process for the measures applied to achieve the BMZ’s strategic objectives.

  • Our consulting services comprise the following:

  • Consolidating the existing processes and structures at the BMZ’s Bonn and Berlin offices
  • Monitoring climate targets and the sustainability program measures including the BMZ’s climate action roadmap
  • Co-devising mitigation strategies and concepts, in particular with respect to measures for effectively reducing emissions
  • Supporting target achievement in cooperation with dedicated BMZ teams
  • Developing and introducing specific tools, such as a life cycle cost calculator, for the strategic inclusion of carbon footprint considerations in procurement

“We will only be able to achieve our ambitious climate targets by developing innovative solutions and going off the beaten track. Thanks to their understanding of the particular challenges and demands of government bodies, PD is able to support the BMZ with just the right amount of agility and persistence to think outside the box and break new ground.”

Jakob Rieken, Department Z 34 “Carbon-neutral BMZ, environmental and sustainability management”


Birger Prüter Manager

+49 162 438 72 90 Friedrichstr. 149 10117 Berlin

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Dr. Fritz Gillerke Senior Consultant

+49 162 272 73 58 Im Fleethof, Stadthausbrücke 3 20355 Hamburg

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