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Construction, Infrastructure and Municipal Consulting

Der Empfangsbereich im PD-Büro am Standort Berlin

Construction, infrastructure and municipal consulting from one provider

Managing complex construction projects throughout the planning, construction and commissioning phases is one of PD’s core competences. The construction, infrastructure and municipal consulting division carries out projects regularly on behalf of the federal government, the federated states, the municipalities or downstream authorities and institutions.

The services offered by PD include, amongst others, financial and economic consultancy, preparation of tender documents and negotiations with bidders, as well as the implementation of the final economic feasibility study.

While doing so, we comply with the standards for the economic and economical use of funds in accordance with § 7 BHO (Federal Budget Code). PD supports public contracting authorities in strategically planning their projects within the administration, also as investment projects, and helps them in verifying their sustainability. This includes not only economic but also environmental and social aspects. In many cases, efficiency can be increased and innovations facilitated. Consequently, the administrations are enabled to carry out their tasks in the necessary manner – despite demographic changes and budgetary constraints.

Portraitfoto von Stéphane Beemelmans

Stéphane Beemelmans

Managing Director

„We are providing sustainable consulting services – because our partnerships with the public sector always aim at the long-term performance of public infrastructures.“

PD also considers itself as a public infrastructure consultancy for the federal government, the federated states and particularly for municipalities in the context of the proposals set out in the BMWi Expert Commission’s report “Strengthening Investments in Germany”.

In the public health sector, PD advises various stakeholders on their projects with specific know-how. PD’s expertise also includes advising federal and state ministries. Furthermore, PD supports large university hospitals and municipal hospitals in the strategic planning and implementation of investments as well as in the development and maintenance of inter-municipal networks. Another area of expertise is to support social security institutions in developing adapted infrastructure and IT concepts.

Our expertise

Construction projects

Our strengths are the sustainable planning, realisation and operation of public sector real estate and infrastructure. We support administrative bodies at the federal and state level in all phases of the real estate life cycle.

Municipal consultancy

In the realms of housing, mobility, education, or digital infrastructure, we help municipalities to offer their citizens the best possible living environment – for today and for the future. Germany needs strong municipalities. Our consultants work on this goal every day.

Hospitals of the future

Scarce resources, complex regulatory requirements, digitalisation, and new treatment methods – the demand for modern medical care is high. PD supports municipal and university hospitals in overcoming these current challenges.

Procurement advice

Our Procurement Office provides competent and swift advice on the preparation and structuring of legally compliant procurement and contract award procedures. It can also perform the entire procurement process on your behalf.

Major projects

Major public sector projects are often under a lot of pressure to succeed. We can manage your project either in its entirety or partially, as required, always ensuring that it is executed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Sustainability, environment, climate protection

The public sector sets the framework for a more sustainable society. Its measures to support the energy transition, greater biodiversity, and social and economic sustainability are ambitious. We provide strategic advice and implementation support to the federal government, federal states and local authorities.

Residential housing and urban quarter development

Everyone should have access to housing and living spaces that meet their needs. We help local authorities, federal states and the federal government to achieve their housing and urban quarter development goals. Get in touch to learn more!

Der Empfangsbereich im PD-Büro am Standort Berlin

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