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PD’s Advisory Board

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The Advisory Board and its expert committees advise our management and the Supervisory Board on strategic issues, on the development and evaluation of new business ideas and new cooperation models, and on public relations.

The members of PD’s Advisory Board

A portrait photo of Paul Johannes Fietz

Paul Johannes Fietz Member of the Board of the Institute for Federal Real Estate

Member of the Advisory Board

A portrait photo of Gabriele C. Klug

Gabriele C. Klug Lawyer, City Treasurer (retired)

Deputy Chairperson of the Advisory Board

Dr. Jessica Däbritz Head of CM (Crisis Management and Civil Protection) at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community

Karina Dörk Chief Administrative Officer of the District of Uckermark

A Portrait photo of Dr. Walter Fischedick

Dr. Walter Fischedick Head of Digital Strategy and Development at the Hessian Ministry for Digital Strategy and Development

A portrait photo of Dr. Matthias Flügge

Dr. Matthias Flügge Chief Digital Officer of the German Pension Fund

Dr. Andreas Goepfert Director of Braunschweig Municipal Hospital

A portrait photo of Reinhard Klingen

Reinhard Klingen Head of Department at the Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure

A portrait photo of Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner

Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner President of the German Environment Agency

A portrait photo of Tanja Mildenberger

Tanja Mildenberger Head of Department at the Federal Ministry of Finance

A portrait photo of Harald Riedel

Harald Riedel Treasurer of the City of Nuremberg

A portrait photo of Dr. Kay Ruge

Dr. Kay Ruge Delegate of the German County Association

A portrait photo of Hermann Josef Schmidt

Hermann Josef Schmidt Mayor of the municipality of Tholey

A portrait photo of Dr. Stephan Schoeps

Dr. Stephan Schoeps Deputy Inspector of the German Armed Forces’ Medical Service

A portrait photo of Garbiele Willems

Gabriele Willems Managing Director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Building and Real Estate Management Department

“Emerging stronger from a crisis”

What lessons should officials learn from the Covid-19 pandemic? How sustainable is the public sector's drive for modernisation? And how can public sector bodies make the most of the particular dynamics of this change?

At their meeting on 26 March 2021, the members of the Advisory Board discussed new strategies for making the public sector more resilient to future crises. There was an evident consensus that this requires a sustainable change of culture within public sector bodies.

Expert Dialogue 2019: Public service sector

In April 2019, the members of PD’s Advisory Board discussed the future of the public service sector in light of current demographic trends and the resulting skilled labour shortages. The conference transcript “The future of the public sector” contains a record of essential points made during the talks as well as key working group outputs.

One focus topic was the public sector’s attractiveness as an employer. The younger generations’ demand for modern workplaces and digital processes are a great opportunity for creating a “public sector of the future”. The Advisory Board also discussed recruitment strategies, hiring processes and structured training programs.

Expert Dialogue 2018: Digitalisation

The conference transcript “All about Digitalisation” comprises the highlights of the two-day PD Advisory Board discussions in April 2018: the opportunities and risks presented by digitalisation, insights into the practical application, and the future of digital administrations.

The contributions examined the topic of digitalisation from a number of different angles. This included shedding light on the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for communal service provision and for simplifying complex administrative procedures. One case example looked into the required steps for implementing the E-Government Act. In-depth examinations of innovative technologies and artificial intelligence also showed what the future of a digital public sector could look like.


Portrait photo of Constanze Benecke

Constanze Benecke Senior Management Consultant write message

+49 172 835 52 09 Friedrichstr. 149 10117 Berlin

write message
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Let us work with you

PD provides specialist consultancy to its public sector clients on all matters concerning modern infrastructure and improved administrative processes. Our public partners commission us to provide inhouse consulting services – which we deliver quickly and efficiently.

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Our partners

We are the public sector's in-house consulting service. Our partners include the federal government, federal states, municipalities, local authorities and public institutions as well as other public organisations, bodies and two other participating associations.

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