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Strategic Administration Modernisation

Der Empfangsbereich im PD-Büro am Standort Berlin

Solutions for effective administrative workflows

For strategic administrative modernisation, PD offers holistic strategies and organisational consulting services and supports the implementation of complex modernisation and procurement projects in the public sector. Our experts work at the federal, federated state and municipal levels.

Expectations put on modern administrations are high, whether in terms of the further development of e-government, measures for digitalisation or a staffing policy that needs to be adapted to demographic change. More and more frequently, the public sector needs new strategies and organisational models to respond to such novel requirements. This trend will continue at all levels: federal government, federated states, and municipalities. The reasons for this are that the administrations put greater focus on fulfilling their (sovereign) core tasks and the difficulty of attracting young talents. Commercial providers are also increasingly being assigned for offers and services.

Portraitfoto von Claus Wechselmann

Claus Wechselmann

Managing Director

„Being a consultant for the administration means passing on our knowledge and skills in our projects and beyond. Our goal is to permanently promote the capacity of the public sector to shape, organise and implement.“

Other central requirements for the federal administration are described in the E-Government Act (EGovG) and in the government programme “Digital Administration 2020”. Among other stipulations, they have obliged the federal authorities to store their files electronically by 2020 (§ 6 EGovG). Using appropriate methods, they must also document, analyse and optimise their administrative processes (§ 9 EGovG). The demand for support in the handling of these tasks is already high and will continue to increase in the future.

PD meets these challenges with an experienced team, proven methods, and tailor-made services. Our focuses are on e-government and open government for managing regulatory information and knowledge, realigning business processes and developing business models. PD also manages major projects for contracting authorities and advises on all project phases.

Our expertise

Eine Frau und ein Mann stehen vor einer Glaswand, die mit Notizzetteln beklebt ist, und zeigen mit einem Stift auf einen Zettel.


With our strategic know-how, we support you during processes of transformation and change in public administration. We jointly develop visions and implementation options that are tailored to the specific context of the respective public institutions.


We analyse and evaluate the added value of technological and methodological innovations for the public sector. With our consulting services, we tap into innovation potential and enable administrations to deal with innovation in a proactive, creative, and confident way.

Security and justice

With our competence and experience, we are your perfect partner for advising security and judicial authorities. We pass on our expertise to our customers so that together we can achieve your goals!

Procurement advice

Our Procurement Office provides competent and swift advice on the preparation and structuring of legally compliant procurement and contract award procedures. It can also perform the entire procurement process on your behalf.

Major projects

Major public sector projects are often under a lot of pressure to succeed. We can manage your project either in its entirety or partially, as required, always ensuring that it is executed efficiently and to the highest standards.


Self-learning applications are already simplifying and accelerating administrative work in many areas. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for advice on possible uses cases of AI in your organisation!

Der Empfangsbereich im PD-Büro am Standort Berlin

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