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Die Bundestagskuppel mit einer Deutschlandflagge im Vordergrund.

Right place, right time

Interested in taking advantage of PD’s extensive consulting expertise? Then you’re in the right place at the right time! The federal government, states and local authorities as well as many other public bodies and two participation associations are already benefiting from our services. Our dedicated in-house consulting services are available to all new shareholders on demand – directly and specifically for the public sector.

All public sector entities are, in principle, eligible to become a PD shareholder. PD sells shares in the company to interested public-sector clients. One exception to this are the participation associations, who purchase their shares directly from the federal government.

Become a PD shareholder: any time.

Please check whether you are a public authority as defined in Section 99 of the Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB).

If you have any questions about the process or individual steps, please do not hesitate to contact the PD Shareholders/International Affairs/Politics team at: Gesellschafter@pd-g.de.

We will prepare the notarization of the share purchase and option agreement together with you. The acquisition of the shares is completed through signing the purchase agreement and payment. Then you can commission us as your in-house consultants.

Welcome to PD as a new shareholder!


PD shares are available to buy for the federal government, the federal states, local authorities, public bodies and other associated institutions within Germany and abroad. Interested parties can become PD shareholders directly or indirectly via an investment association. Our current participation associations are for university hospitals and municipal clinics, and they are open to additional members.

Public bodies and their entities can purchase company shares directly from us. This makes you an associate in our shareholder’s agreement. We offer staggered minimum shareholdings for our various shareholder groups.

More information about PD

In der englischsprachigen Unternehmenspräsentation finden Sie weitere Informationen zur PD.
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Dr. Sven-Olaf Heckel Head of Shareholder Services write message

+49 172 766 18 53 Friedrichstr. 149 10117 Berlin

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