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As an in-house consultancy for the public sector, we gain exclusive insights into administrative work.

Together with our public partners and customers, we aim to increase the satisfaction of citizens, companies and employees with administrative services and to drive projects that have long-lasting and sustainable potential.

We regularly report on our projects and the methods we use in specialist publications. You can download these reports via our specialised press page (in German).

We look forward to your questions, suggestions and experiences!

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Four steps to improve employer attractiveness

In the past, the public sector recruited a large proportion of its skilled workers from households already entrenched in the public sector. In light of the ever-increasing shortage of skilled labour and the aspiration to reflect the diversity of society throughout administrative bodies, employer attractiveness must be improved significantly from the perspective of different target groups. The key to a sustainable public service is a tailor-made employment strategy specific to your own target group.

The study “Public Administrations as Attractive Employers”, published as part of the series PD-Impulse, identifies 32 attractiveness factors that influence the overall image of an employer. In cooperation with six major federal and state authorities, employees were interviewed in a series of workshops to assess the personal relevance of various factors and levels of satisfaction with the performance of the respective employer for each respondent. Furthermore, the reasons for the results were discussed. Interviews with HR managers and staff councils asked for a self-assessment and added the perspective of employers to the analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

The study shows that the public sector does not adequately meet the needs of its employees in terms of work organisation, equity and career development opportunities and is thus not characterised by high employer attractiveness. On the basis of workshop discussions and further dialogue with experts, the study has generated recommendations for action to overcome the shortage of skilled workers in the public sector. It also presents practical examples of advanced models for designing an attractive working environment and for recruiting and developing staff.

Recommendations for handling municipal data

The study “Data Sovereignty in Smart Cities”, also published by PD, reveals that knowledge is unevenly distributed among municipalities and private providers: municipalities often do not know the value of the available data and therefore achieve negative results when negotiating cooperation with partners that entail the use rights of the data sets generated in smart city applications.

The study therefore recommends that municipalities begin to understand the handling of municipal data as a strategic cross-sectional topic. They should manage digitalised public services – also when private providers are responsible for them – in a systematic way and critically examine the data usage clauses in smart city draft contracts.

The study is part of the series PD-Impulse: 17 interviews were conducted throughout Germany, with cities, municipal companies, and representatives from the private sector. It is also based on 236 response sets from German municipalities that participated in an online survey. The Association of German Cities, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, the Association of Municipal Enterprises and the City of Bonn were partners that supported the study.

Blickpunkt PD newsletter (in German)

Our monthly newsletter Blickpunkt PD presents examples of projects that we carry out together with our public partners and customers.

Our project reports reflect the full range of PD’s consulting services. We aim to suggest ways of enhancing administrative work processes and modern infrastructure and how these can be implemented when all parties involved interact. And we would like to invite you to get in touch with us to debate these topics.

Blickpunkt PD also features current news from our growing company and our partner network, which we are expanding continuously.

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Specialist dialogues of the PD Advisory Board

Link zur Dokumentation der PD-Beiratssitzung 2019 zum Thema "Die Zukunft des öffentlichen Dienstes"
SHA-256: d892099dab9e3f78b69e3abce9496b64d9971b4bd0fe641304d97ec6f78c41fe

The public sector

In April 2019, the members of the PD Advisory Board discussed various aspects of the future of the public sector considering demographic patterns and the associated shortage of skilled workers. The conference transcript “The Future of the Public Sector” features the main contents of the lectures as well as findings from the working groups involved in the event.

The contributions focus on increasing the attractiveness of public administrations as employers. Further discussions addressed the issues of how to attract new employees and how to design the recruitment process and structured training programmes.

The specialist dialogue of the PD Advisory Board took place on 11 and 12 April 2019 in Berlin.

PD-Beiratssitzung 2019 zum Thema "Die Zukunft des öffentlichen Dienstes" download as PDF (2 MB)
Link zur Dokumentation der PD-Beiratssitzung 2018 zum Thema "Im Dialog: Digitalisierung"
SHA-256: e1725e5211b41d0f58923a8029361acd262b3f0fe68aea88b33ece21758bac89


The conference transcript “Expert Dialogue: Digitalisation” presents highlights of the two-day exchange of the PD Advisory Board in April 2018, covering the opportunities and risks of digitalisation, insights into practical implementation and outlooks on the future of digital administrations.

The contributions examine the topic of digitalisation from different perspectives and discuss, amongst other topics, the opportunities and risks of digitalisation when it comes to providing municipal services and for streamlining complex administrative procedures. The necessary steps for implementing the E-Government Act are addressed by a meaningful practical example.

The expert dialogue took place on 18 and 19 April 2018 in Berlin.

PD-Beiratssitzung 2018 zum Thema "Im Dialog: Digitalisierung" download as PDF (2 MB)

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